Nuvonis Avian Cell Line

Nuvonis has developed a continuous avian cell line from quails, as these lack most of the endogenous retroviral sequences detectable in chicken families. For immortalization and development of the cell line, no viral sequences and no foreign genes were introduced. Therefore, the cell line is not regarded as being genetically modified (GMO).

The avian cell banks are suitable for production of a variety of viruses. Avian cell lines can be used to replace Chicken Embryo Fibroblasts (CEF) or cultivation in embryonated hen’s eggs.

Versatile Substrate

Avian cell banks can be used to produce a variety of viruses, such as Vaccinia, Orthomyxoviridae, HSV Type I, Pseudorabies, Reovirus, Parainfluenza and MVA etc.

Replace eggs or CEFs

Production methods relying on Chicken Embryo Fibroblasts or eggs are cumbersome in terms of logistics, reproducibility and virus yields. The use of a continuous cell line such as Nuvonis’ avian cells that grow in serum-free medium makes production faster, more efficient and more reproducible.

Adherent or Suspension cells

Nuvonis avian cells can be grown using microcarrier based production systems (anchorage dependent type) or can be grown in suspension (single cell type)

Avian cell line characteristics

Nuvonis avian cells grow in serum-free/animal component free medium that is commercially available.

Both, adherent cells and cells growing in suspension are available.

The cell banks are well characterized and have been tested, e.g. for Sterility, Mycoplasma, Extraneous agents, tumorigenicity etc.

Quail cell bank ampoules can be provided to clients at low cost (R&D fee) after signature of CDA and MTA.

Nuvonis provides protocols for cell thawing and expansion and technical support.

GMP production of MCB and WCB planned

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